Cars And Truck Business React To Decline In Sports Car Sales


Hatchbacks aren�t a big deal here in the US, unlike Asia and Europe where they sell quite well. In fact, sedans aren�t a big deal here in the states either. Most folks nowadays are buying SUVs of all sizes. Even as SUVs get smaller and smaller, while sedans get larger and larger, there�s a lot of good reason to be looking into hatchbacks if you�re in the market for a new car.

Hatchback Pros

Probably the best thing that hatchback has going for it is the amount of storage space you�re going to have at your disposal. While this added storage space comes at the cost of your back two seats which will have to be folded forward, a decent sized hatchback like the Mazda CX-3 can have the same amount of storage capacity as a midsize SUV. Style-wise, hatchbacks have a little more variety. Folks that complain about 3-box sedans will find the hatchback models a breath of fresh air. Another big reason to invest in a hatchback is that they have a tendency to have a much higher resale value than sedans or other models. A hatchback driven for three years will retain on average 58% of its original price tag. That�s not bad, especially when compared to your average sedan which can go as low as 35% of the original price. Hatchbacks are a better investment.

Hatchback Cons

The biggest con with a hatchback is that people can see into your �trunk�. That�s because hatchbacks don�t have interior trunks like sedans do. They�re built like SUVs and like SUVs the storage space is a part of the interior cabin. If you�re worried about thieves breaking into your car, you�re not going to want to leave anything that�s valuable visible. While some people appreciate the non-traditional design of the hatchback, other folks think it looks like a station wagon, and if you don�t dig station wagons, then the hatchback isn�t going to impress you at all. It�s a fact that station wagons have pretty much gone out of style and were never that stylish to begin with. But once upon a time they made great family vehicles. Another problem with hatchbacks in the US is that it website may be difficult to come buy a decently affordable option. Even the though the resale value is better, most folks aren�t willing to pay extra for a car just because it�s shaped like a hatchback. Thus the US market isn�t exactly flooded with hatchbacks. Another thing to consider if you�re buying a hatchback for extra cargo space is that the better the hatchback looks, the less utility you�re going to get in terms of room. Newer models have traded off the cargo utility for a sleeker design to make them more desireable to US consumers. Still, hatchbacks aren�t a bad option for most drivers.

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